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About Us

Quality Furniture

Origgi, a manufacturer of high-quality pieces since 1940, is based in Cabiate, a land where the tradition of furniture making has very deep and ancient roots. Getting to know Origgi means entering the high-class furniture-making world where quality and aesthetic total reliability is a dominant feature

Made in Italy

All furniture pieces are made with handcraft techniques.
Capable of reacting promptly and with professional skill to client demands and advice, Origgi is a proud standard bearer of the “Made in Italy” trademark.

Craft methodologies

The broad Origgi range includes armchairs, sofas, tables, desks, beds, cupboards, coffee-tables, dressing tables, bedside tables created for top-bracket offices, meeting rooms, hotels and luxury homes.

Models & Download

  • 3D Model
  • Leather and wood samples
  • Catalogue Vol.2
  • Catalogue Vol.3
  • Catalogue Contemporary Collection
  • Contemporary Samples